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Dumper Volvo A25D

Make & model:
Volvo A25D
Object number:

Broker rating

Nice and well-maintained machine with no major damage or remarks.
The front tires are changed relatively recently and are very fresh, the remaining tires are quite worn but are whole and have no major damage or defects.
The seller has just changed the compressor, generator and air dryer.

Technical information

Dumper Volvo A25D

Make: Volvo
Model: A25D
Year: 2003
Serial number: A25DV11647
Status: Set up
Drive: 6x6

Service weight: 22 110 kg
Max load weight: 19 200 kg
Total weight: 41 310 kg

High drop is available and comes with the dumper at purchase.

The machine has been continuously serviced in-house, the last service was carried out on 27/1-2022.
The seller has recently replaced the compressor, generator and air dryer.
The front tires are very new and very fresh. The remaining tires are worn but are whole and have no visible damage or defects.

Normal gap and wear on the dumper but everything works as it should. No visible or known faults.

NOTE! The diesel tank on the flatbed and the two-way radio are not included in the purchase.
Important information

Important information

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