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Excavator Doosan DX225LC + excavation system.

Make & model:
Doosan DX 225LC
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A machine that works fine and does the job, apart from the cracked window there was nothing to complain about in the cab which is in good condition. Complete machine with four tools and digging system as accessories.

Technical information

Excavator Doosan DX225 LC

Make: Doosan
Model: DX 225 LC
Year: 2007
Operating hours: 12163/h
Serial number: DVBHEUK070050048
Attachment mount: B20
Track width: 700 mm
Weight: 21500 kg

- Tiltrotator Engcon
- Rear view camera
- Fuel pump
- Diesel heater
- Hammer hydraulics
- Ac
- Radio
- Seat heating
- Fire extinguisher
- Digging system Scanlaser XC2
- LED work lights
- Central grease nipples on boom

- Grading bucket
- Toothed bucket
- Narrow bucket approx. 280 mm
- Pallet fork 120 cm

- The machine has been serviced continuously according to intervals in-house

- Crack in the front window cabin
- Minor sheet metal damage in the rear end right side
- The bucket mount has been welded after a crack was discovered
See remark pictures

Otherwise no known defects, normal gap and wear for its age and hours.
NOTE: The machine may be used sporadically during the auction period.
Important information

Important information

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