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Excavator Kubota KX016-4

Make & model:
Kubota KX016-4
Object number:

Broker rating

The machine is in very good condition for being 7 years old, have not noticed any major damage or remarks when we photographed the machine.
The boom swing and stick are slipping a bit but not unusually so.
The belts are quite worn but no major damage to them.

Technical information

Excavator Kubota KX016-4

Make: Kubota
Model: KX016-4
Year: 2014
Serial number: 57849
Operating hours: 1855
Fuel: Diesel
CE marked: Yes

- LED lighting
- Dome heater
- Windscreen wiper
- Belt spreader

- Tilt bucket
- Toothed bucket
- Bucket

Has been used for machine rental and has been checked after each rental period.

The machine has been continuously serviced in-house.

No known defects or remarks on the machine
Important information

Important information

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