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Compressor Atlas Copco XAS 97

Make & model:
Atlas Copco
Object number:

Broker review

A lot of rust on the front edge of the machine. Starts a bit sluggish but nothing strange. Service is done after photography.

Technical information

Compressor Atlas Copco XAS 97

Make: Atlas Copco
Model: XAS 97
Year: 2011
Serial number: APP 195498
Operating hours: 1531
Total weight: 940 kg
Capacity: 5280 l/min

The machine has been continuously serviced in-house. Last service carried out 2022-05-03 at 1530h
Battery replaced in 2019

The compressor has been banned since 2020-10-08.
The reason for the ban is that the compressor did not pass the last inspection because the chassis number is not installed on the frame.
Other than that, the compressor is working as it should.
Important information

Important information

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