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Van Nissan NV200

Make & model:
Nissan NV200
Object number:

Technical information

Van Nissan NV200

NOTE! Non-deductible VAT is included in the bid, additional VAT will not be added.

Make: Nissan
Model: NV200
Year model: 2015 (In traffic 2015-08-18)
Chassisr: VSKHBAM20U0104443
Meter reading: 25 125 mil
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Vehicle status: Discontinued (2023-05-10)
Inspected latest: 2023-08-31

- Towing hook
- Sliding door right side

Winter tires are included, see picture

Remarks (see pictures):
- Interior panel left rear door is missing
- Cabinet interior scratched & worn, nothing that affects function
- Slight rusting above the front window.
Important information

Important information

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