Questions from buying customers

Before the auction

Who is selling via Maskinera?

The sellers are mainly companies in rental, construction, agriculture, forestry, industry and municipalities. The objects are located throughout Sweden and are available at the sellers' premises.

How much does it cost to shop at Maskinera?

Each auction is subject to a call-in fee. You need to be logged in to see the fee. VAT is added to all auctions unless otherwise stated in the auction description.

How do I bid?

To place a bid on the site, you need to create a buyer account. The easiest way to do this is here.

During the auction

I have questions about an item, how do I go about it?

Please read the description of the property carefully and watch any accompanying film. If you still have any questions, you are welcome to contact our customer service.

What is the obligation to investigate?

You have the right, as well as the obligation, to check the condition of the item on the basis of the auction documents when you collect it. If the item does not correspond to the description, you can complain about the purchase. Please note that this must be done before the item is taken from the site.

Is there a display of the objects?

All items are sold without viewing unless otherwise stated.

What is an autobid?

An auto-bid means that you set an amount limit. The platform will automatically match any competing bids up to your maximum bid.

Can I cancel a bid?

All bids on the site are binding. Therefore, please read the property description carefully before making a bid. For more information read our customer terms and conditions.

What is a reservation price?

A reserve price is the lowest price the seller asks for the item. The reserve price is always hidden, but it is visible if the price is reached or not.

What happens if two bids are at the same level?

It is always the first bid that wins the auction. The same applies to auto-bids.

When does an auction end?

Items remain up for auction for usually 7 or 14 days. If a bid is placed just before the end of the auction, the auction is extended by 3 minutes.

After auction

How do I pay?

After winning the bid, an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.

From when are the days I have to collect items counted?

From the moment you receive a payment receipt from us, you have 7 days to collect the item.

How do I book shipping?

Get in touch with us via our shipping page. We have a cooperation agreement with Schenker. The object must meet Schenker's requirements regarding dimensions, weight and object type.

Questions from selling customers

How much does it cost to sell on Maskinera?

Maskinera charges a share of commission for a completed transaction. If the object is not sold, no commission is paid.

How do I check that the person collecting the item is the buyer?

When an item is paid for, a unique code is generated that the buyer must present at the time of delivery. As a seller, you enter the code in the field found via the link in the email you received from us. Once the correct code has been entered, you will know that the item is being collected by the right person.

Will I be paid before the buyer collects the item?

The buyer will not receive pick-up instructions until the item is paid to us. Payment to you, the seller, will be made on the 7th working day of the following month or as agreed.

What do I do when I sell a registered vehicle?

At the time of collection, the buyer and seller fill in Part 2 of the registration certificate together. The seller then sends the completed part to the Swedish Transport Agency.

Can I sell my machine to someone else if the auction has started?

No. If the auction has started, you may not advertise the item on another marketplace or sell it in any other way. For more information on the terms of sale, please contact your local machinery broker.