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We at Maskinera

At Maskinera , you will always have your own contact person who will help you with your case, whether it is a purchase or a sale. We are small enough to be personal, but big enough to make a difference. Contact us today!

Filip Multan

We at Maskinera

Filip Multan

Machinery broker / Stockholm County

073-097 39 78

We at Maskinera

Andreas Einarsson

Machinery brokers / Östergötland

073-034 94 30

We at Maskinera

Magnus Leifsell

Machinery broker / Västra Götaland County

073-039 81 39

We at Maskinera

Max Ekström

Machinery brokers / Skåne County

073-038 04 50

We at Maskinera

Glenn Ohlsson

Machinery brokers / Dalarna County

073-027 24 54

We at Maskinera

Gustaf Svärd

Machinery broker / Kalmar County

073-025 68 34

We at Maskinera

Felix Smedberg

Machinery broker / Södermanland County

073-089 80 43

We at Maskinera

Olle Sundin

Head of Operations

070-683 02 63

We at Maskinera

Oskar Wedsjö

Head of Operations

We at Maskinera

Oscar Tannerstad

Digital Marketing Manager

070-223 41 28