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Flak exchanger Metsjö MetaFlex 14 with Bigab Flak

Make & model:
Metsjö MetaFlex 14
Object number:

Technical information

Swap body trolley Metsjö with tipping

Make: Metsjö
Model: MetaFlex 14
Telescopic trolley that handles SIS 3021 roller flats in three lengths 4,5-5,05-6,0m

BIGAB Swap body system:
Type: 00240
Max load incl. flatbed, tipping: 16,000kg
Max load incl. flatbed, flatbed gear: 16,000kg

Make: Bigab
Inside length: 550cm
Inside width: 238cm
Interior height: 70cm

Year: approx. 1 year
Make: Alliance A-822
Dimension: 560/45 R22,5
Tread depth: 14/14/14/14 mm

See video for all functions

A well-maintained telescopic swap body trailer in fully functional working condition, apart from normal wear and tear, nothing was found to complain about at the time of the photo/film.
Important information

Important information

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