Finance with Maskinera

Choosing to finance with Maskinera gives you a host of benefits that can make a big difference to your business.
Finance your purchase

Finance your purchase

Maskinera is your trusted partner for financing machinery and equipment. With our solid expertise and strong relationships with some of Sweden's top banks, we can offer you tailor-made financing solutions that are adapted to the needs of your machines and your business.

When you choose to finance your purchase with Maskinera, we take care of all the administrative work related to your financing solution. You save time and can simplify the management of your business finances.

Contact us today and let us do the work - with the help of Finance with Maskinera you are in safe hands.

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Information leasing

Choose leasing as a financial strategy and let your business flourish with increased liquidity and financial stability.

Installment payment information

When you choose to finance your machine in installments, you create financial space and a stable foundation by spreading the cost of the purchase over time.