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Wheeled excavator Volvo EWR150

Make & model:
Volvo EWR150
Object number:

Broker review

Fully loaded wheeled excavator that has everything and more. Incredibly well maintained machine that has been well taken care of. The seller has owned and driven the machine himself since new. During the visit there was nothing to complain about. Digging system, cart and buckets are included in the purchase of the machine.

Technical information

Wheel excavator Volvo EWR150

Make: Volvo
Model: EWR150
Year: 2017
Operating hours: 6875/h
Serial number: VCEW150EE00320592
Engine power: 105 kW
Attachment mount: S60
Weight: 18400 kg

- Excavation system, GPS Makin 3D
- Tiltrotator Engcon EC219 QS60
- 360 degree camera all around
- Extra camera mounted on the right side
- Central lubrication
- Central lubrication point in undercarriage
- Lever control
- Engine heater Block heater 240 V
- Diesel heater incl. timer
- Diesel heater incl. GSM - Automatic engine shutdown - Automatic engine shutdown - Automatic engine shutdown GSM
- Automatic engine shutdown 5 min
- Water separating filter with preheating element
- Swab
- Refueling pump
- Automatic excavator brake
- Mudguards front & rear
- Stone protection rings
- Hammer hydraulics
- Slope hydraulics
- Scissor blade (reinforced) with tow hook, trailer connector and hydraulic socket
- ROPS cab "CareCab"
- De Lux Driver's seat with cooling fan, lumbar support, air suspension and wide armrests
- 24 volt, socket in cab
- Two-way radio with answer button on joystick
- Radio with MP3, USB and Bluetooth for phone connectivity
- Care Track GSM
- 4 LED work lights (2-extra cabin front 2-underside shaft)
- 6 LED work lights (2-boom 2-cab front 2-rear)
- 2 LED work lights (2-extra cabin door)
- Driving lights right asymmetric standard
- Light ramp Abkati on roof/head to rails,
- Warning light on cab roof
- Mittx roof arch/light ramp bracket
- Warning light on mittx arch
- Cruise control with creeping function
- Counterweight arch

Hydraulic equipment:
- Boom suspension - BSS Boom Suspension System
- Floatation function boom cylinders
- Hydraulic oil Panolin HLP Synth 46
- Hose break valve/holding valve for bucket cylinder
- Quick coupler hydraulic base machine, boom and shank SQF
- X1 pressure/flow adjustment, 18 levels for hammer/scissors
- X1 double-acting hydraulics
- X1 proportional pedal control

Dump truck Humus 10CT
Make: Humus
Model: 10CT
Year: 2017
Chassis number / serial number: 0113000029
Service weight / Load weight (kg): 2800
Max load weight (kg): 10000

- Grading bucket
- Excavator bucket
- Narrow bucket
- Tjälkrok
- Asphalt cutter

- The machine has been serviced continuously and has a service agreement with Swecon. Documentation on this is available.
- New batteries March 2023
- Service agreement exists and can be transferred if desired

- Small crack in the screen above the cab, see remark pictures.

Otherwise no known faults or damage to the machine.
Important information

Important information

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