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Wheeled excavator Volvo EWR170E

Make & model:
Volvo EWR170E
Object number:

Broker review

A fantastically well-maintained machine without major remarks.
Inside, the machine is extremely well taken care of. Has never been driven with shoes in the cab and it is clearly visible on site.
Externally, there are no visible damages or scratches on the covers or the counterweight, everything is in top condition.
A little oil spill was on the grading bucket that is mounted, this came from a hose that was rubbing against a small edge. This hose will be replaced during the auction.
The protective cover for the left outrigger does not really follow all the way down but only needs to be lubricated a little.
See the movie at the bottom of the page for more info and a tour of the machine.

Technical information

Wheeled excavator Volvo EWR170E

Make: Volvo
Model: EWR 170E
Year: 2019
Serial number: VCEW170EC00320354
Weight: 20 100 kg
Operating hours: 4290h
Attachment mount: S-60

- Rotortilt Engcon EC219 with grapple
- Central lubrication
- Central lubrication for undercarriage
- Automatic digging brake
- Boom suspension
- Floatation function
- Tank pump
- Leica excavation system 3D with tilt assist
- Rear support legs and front support blade (steering in the levers)
- Extendable boxes on the sides
- Prepared for EC oil but removed, all parts are available.
- Wheel steering in the levers
- De lux driver's seat with cooling fan, heating and lumbar support
- Work lighting in LED
- Volvo smartview 360 degree camera
- Tinted windows
- Diesel heater
- Double mounting tires
- Engcon DC-2 steering system
- Extra hitch, located in one of the boxes on the side of the machine.
- Hammer hydraulics
- Slope hydraulics

Leica excavation system with tilt assist:
- 2 disks
- Sensors on boom, knuckle boom, stick and rotortilt.
- . Grading bucket, VA bucket and cable bucket have Leica Tool recognition mounted
- Display

- Grading bucket SE. 400L with Leica Tool recognition
- VA bucket SE. 650L with Leica Tool recognition
- Narrow bucket / Cable bucket SE. 350L with Leica Tool recognition
- Tjälkrok SE
- Asfaltskär SE

The machine was purchased from Finland 1 year ago and has been on a service agreement with Swecon since purchase. Before that, the machine has been on a service agreement in Finland with the previous owner.
The last service was performed at 4208h.

- The protective plate for the left outrigger needs to be lubricated a little, it does not follow all the way down.
- A hose to the rotor tilt was a little chafed but will be replaced during the auction.
Important information

Important information

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